Eli Lockets

About Eli Lockets

My Dad and I have been in business since 1957 when we started in the basement of an old school house. We moved twice since then growing each time and this evolution has taught us to make what we do best, lockets and small cases. We have down sized over the past few years and feel comfortable where we are now. If you read my updates on the web site you already know we are in forced move and closed since July 1 but there is light at the end of the tunnel and we can finally see it.  My Dad was 97 years old this November and since we have been forced to move he has semi-retired until we get set up and running again.  My son also works with us setting up and running the big presses that is the beginning of the birth of our lockets and cases. My Dad is very artistic and designed the dies that are used in our stampings. My Dad and Son are the hands on in the factory and I am the hands on in the office, computer, web sites, etc. We are interested in our customers and how they use our products and welcome all questions and suggestions.  Follow the move in my new posting called moving updates.

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